“It is the office of a true teacher to show us that God is, not was;  that He speaketh, not spake.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This evening, I remembered something from our senior year at General Seminary as I was finishing an earlier piece about GTS.  I was responsible for coordinating the annual Faculty Appreciation Dinner and put together a program for the evening.  The program included appreciations of the faculty written and submitted by students.  These included reflections such as:

David Hurd: “A true genius, it is an honor to learn from David Hurd – CM 1 was as much a class in liturgy as music, and we get brilliant flashes of insight as such during his lectures – in both these lectures and in his work in the chapel and schola, it is abundantly clear how much this man truly loves God, and that his most fervent wish is to communicate as much and in such ways as will spread that love to us as individuals, and will help us to go forth in that very spirit. There are few things in life more sustaining than witnessing David Hurd when the spirit is moving in him.”

Deirdre Good: “It has been an incredible relief to have an intelligent, strong woman as an example. I love that I am not only allowed but expected to think outside the box and I have learned more from her than she will know.”

Mitties DeChamplain: “Mitties is such a powerful proponent of the student’s own abilities… she is one of the most supportive, yet challenging teachers I have had the pleasure to study under. Her ability to manage rhetoric and help us to say what we really mean (or what we need to say in the world) is priceless to this institution!”

The program is attached in its fullness below and has many more reflections offered.  It would be a wonderful thing to see these kind of reflections all over Facebook so we can express our appreciation for the fine, faithful work these men and women have done regardless of how the current dispute unfolds.

Faculty Appreciation Program