Robert_HendricksonFather Robert is the Sub-Dean of Saint John’s Cathedral in Denver. He attended The General Theological Seminary, was ordained to the priesthood in 2011, and served as a curate at Christ Church, New Haven where he started the Saint Hilda’s House and Ascension House intentional communities. He has also worked with the Ecumenical Office of the Episcopal Church, co-founded the Society of Catholic Priests of the Episcopal Church, and recently completed a book on young adult ministry titled Yearning: Authentic Transformation, Young Adults, and the Church. He is married to Dr Karrie Cummings Hendrickson and they are the proud companions of Becket (a dolorous basset hound), Penelope (a fearless dachshund), Cuthbert (a once indomitable raccoon fighting cat), and Marshmallow (a rotund cat prone to wild fits of napping).

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Fr. Hendrickson: My home diocese is Western New York, but I am presently finishing a course in Liberation Theology for the seminarians at the Episcopal Seminary in the Dominican Republic. I will return home tomorrow. One of my WNY colleagues sent out your blog (Of the One Percent……) on our clergy list serve. I read it to my class here and have sent it to the DR Bishop. It is right on the mark. In 1988 I was invited by PB Ed Browning to join his staff at 815. Dealing with the budget was gut-wrenching at that time when the threats were coming in daily regarding division in the Body and, therefore, a potential decrease in income. But the priorities were kept clear and the cuts in the bureaucracy were first, before any critical programs were touched. I am an old man now (57 years a priest and 80 of age) but your blog gave me a flash of hope that perhaps we can rediscover where ministry begins and where priorities must be placed. Keep the word and The Word coming. Blessings.

  2. As a laity with a theological education, yet not accepted by several diocese of the Anglican church for reason, like declining staff needs, poor parishes, etc. The true role of any sound theologian is the will, dedication and resolve to act, ministry and live in the strength of God’s direction. Even that simple fact has continued to drive, motivate and remind me why I am called to do it. I invite you to comment, for I will always be guided by those who remind me one day, my efforts will result with a mission in a community.

    This culture, society and all it’s people need men, women and hope that what we all do by faith is a benefit. I hope you will share my voice and will to be a Pioneer Mission Ministry individual not by title but by vocation and desire.

  3. Heath Hutto said:

    It looks like you have a bad link for Ascension House–the current link directs to a page written in Japanese–I think it should be to http://www.ascensionhouse.org/

  4. Your words bless and enrich. Thank you for such wonderful, beautiful story of the faith we love.

    Timothy Holder (The Rev’d.)

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