I have tended to be behind the technological curve for some time.  I waited to get a cell phone until it was entirely unavoidable.  Facebook was baffling until I saw many others having a joyous time chatting away on it during a class.  And twitter still offends me with its annoying name and even more egregious use of the word “tweet” as both a noun and a verb.

With that said, I am now dabbling a bit in the world of blogging (also a rather gross sounding word) – only a decade or so behind the trend.

I finally decided to begin this as a way to engage topics that sermons and the like don’t offer an appropriate medium for.  Facebook and Twitter also seem to be ever trimming our ability to engage some issues with the attention and depth they deserve.

This is certainly not to say that any given post will be of either depth or substance – I imagine that the divers and sundry things which occupy my attention on any given day might make their way here.  With that – to the fray!