So the posters we have been putting together for Christ Church, New Haven have gotten much comment, so I thought I would put all the ones we have thusfar all in one place.  I will update this as we add more – you can also see them as they come out on Facebook.

One of the goals of these is to stimulate thought, conversation, and interest.  We have also become convinced that communicating what we believe in a concise way is important in a culture with ever shorter attention spans.  We are hoping to offer an authentic vision of this parish and our identity to those unfamiliar with us – with a bit of humor mixed in!

Future ads will focus on baptism, prayer, scripture, service, and more.  I am convinced that believers and visitors don’t need more watering-down and wavering on the part of the Church but greater clarity and a deep commitment to an authentic and deeply traditional way of being Christian (without being confined to mere traditionalism).  We have to know what we are welcoming visitors to – radical hospitality is not simply an open door but deep and passionate conviction that we have something (and Someone) to share that profoundly and utterly changes lives.